Just a few thoughts on who we are.
We are a Christian fellowship that is based on the leadership of Elders, and not merely a single individual. We encourage the balanced notion that Church exists to prepare individuals for heaven while also helping individuals to discover practical but biblical ways of succeeding in life.

The traditional family is the core of all human growth and development. And marriage is solely an institution between consenting male and female adults who commit to live together for a lifetime in a monogamous relationship. Children are a blessing and share in the covenant blessing of their believing parents. These children however, have to individually come to faith in Christ Jesus as the Spirit of God touches them. It is the duty of the parents or guardians to nurture and train the child in the biblical faith.

At New City Community Church (NCCC) we celebrate the grace and love of God through the divine ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s supper. Baptism is a covenantal sign for every child born to the believing parent, while the Lord’s supper is for every acknowledged believer in Christ from any recognized evangelical denomination.

Integrity must be married to every activity and speech during all operations. Africa has an endemic problem of corruption in ministry and at the work place. NCCC seeks to be a role model in transparency and truthfulness.

Mercy Ministry. As a community church with a heart for the ordinary person, NCCC reaches out to individuals who are lacking in different physical ways by giving moral support, physical help and spiritual counsel.

Fellowship ministry. We believe in the continued fellowship of believers even beyond Sunday. We are therefore establishing different cell groups in the different districts of Kampala city. We have an active weekly fellowship in Kampala South along Entebbe Road. Fellowships also give opportunity to community members to share in fellowship with NCCC members.

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