Reformed Student Organisation

Over sixty percent of people in Uganda are young people below the age of thirty years. NCCC recognizes this reality and has established a vibrant youth ministry. The Reformed Student Organisation (RSO) is a family of university students who help each other through their years at college. The ministry through its various activities also prepares these young people for life after university. We mold them to take up their positions in family, church, the corporate world and the community. Activities include music lessons, song composition, cooking, games, Bible studies, visiting orphanages, evangelistic outreaches, camps, and intellectual debates. The goal is for these young individuals to have a happy and productive time at university and to be able to serve God in all areas of life. Their motto is Here We Stand (taken from Luther’s Here I stand I can do no other) where they commit to standing together and standing firm on the Word of God.

rso beach

Please enjoy two samples of the first cd of the Psalm Project Africa

2 thoughts on “Reformed Student Organisation

  1. Francis

    Glory be to God, I love it all. Big up Gadi and the team, be bless as you reach out for Christ through songs…

  2. Sarah N. Sinamakosa

    Thanks for the good work however, photos need to be updated, those are very old photos of RSO members. Thanks


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